Are you thinking about going into an Earth Sciences related program? Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s all you need to know for applying.

When joining Earth Sciences you can apply for the following program streams: 

Geology Specialist

The Geology Specialist program gives the deepest level of education within the field of geology, preparing students for a career in the energy and mineral resources sector or as a government-employed geologist. The program meets the requirements for gaining membership in the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) and similar organizations in other Canadian provinces and territories. The Geology Specialist Program focuses on core geology subjects, such as mineralogy and petrology, sedimentology, structural geology, mineral resources, and geologic field mapping.

Geophysics Specialist 

The Geophysics Specialist program allows students to model physical processes on Earth and other planets and to apply non­invasive methods of imaging the subsurface, often in 4D (i.e., space and time); targets may range from archaeological investigations to groundwater imaging and mineral exploration, but also include modeling of mountain-building processes and the exploration of planetary surfaces. Our program provides the knowledge requirements for professional registration with APGO, or lead into graduate programs in Physics, Earth Science, or Planetary Science.

Environmental Geosciences Specialist

The Environmental Geosciences specialist program explains the interconnectedness within the Earth system (biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere), measures and models processes related to groundwater and biochemical activities, and assesses the effects of human activities on our geological surroundings. Students should note that under the Professional Geoscientists Act of 2000, individuals practicing Environmental Geoscience in Ontario require an education that fulfills APGO knowledge requirements or a P.Eng. 

Earth and Environmental Systems Major

This program allows students to obtain an Earth Science Major degree in a very flexible way, with the potential to explore the full gamut of earth sciences. It provides broad context over time and space to better understand and provide solutions for the current issues of climate change, resource consumption, and global pollution weighing heavily on people and societies. To help with this bewildering array of choices, we provide examples of how you could select your courses. For example, students can take clusters of courses that relate to paleoclimatology, biogeochemistry, Quaternary science, and global environmental change.

Geoscience Major

This program aims to give students exposure to the traditional geoscience curriculum (Mineralogy, Petrology, Geological structures and Maps, Field Techniques, etc.). Students wishing for a more customized degree should explore the Earth and Environmental Systems Major.

Geoscience Minor

The Geoscience Minor program aims to give students as much leeway as possible to choose interests within the diverse and dynamic field of Earth Sciences.

For program stream courses and requirements check out the Earth Sciences Academic Calendar: