The Earth Sciences Department is home to faculty doing world-class research on a diverse range of subjects including global plate tectonics, reconstruction of Earth’s climate history, meteorite isotope geochemistry, mapping contaminant distribution, and identifying controls on mineral deposits formation, to name a few. Our professors are here to support you along the way and create an engaging learning environment. Meet some of them here!

Charly Bank | Associate Professor
Undergraduate Courses
ESS261: Earth System Evolution
ESS450: Geophysical Field Techniques
JGA305: Environmental and Archaeological Geophysics
ESS452: Geophysical Imaging with Non-seismic Methods

Sarah Finkelstein | Associate Professor
Undergraduate Courses
JEG100: Introduction to Physical Geography and Earth Science
ESS464: Biological Perspectives on Earth System Evolution

Xu Chu | Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Courses
ESS322: Igneous Petrology
ESS323: Metamorphic Petrology
ESS234: Introduction to Geological Field Methods

Daniel Gregory | Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Courses
ESS423: Mineral Deposits
ESS234: Introduction to Geological Field Methods

Uli Wortmann | Associate Professor
Undergraduate Courses
ESS345: Computational Geology
ESS481: Advanced Topics in Earth Sciences